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I found interest in photography when I was in middle school.  I decided to pick up an old Sony camera that was sitting in the closet to see where my creativity would take me.  When I was just starting out I would photograph ANYTHING! Embarrassing story…. My neighbor was having a small wedding in their backyard.  I littery put on my zoom lens and photographed the wedding from my patio, whoever saw me at the time had to think I was crazy . But I LOVED it.  I was so excited about the wedding photos that I secretly shot through the wooden slats on my patio that I wanted the opportunity to do it again, but maybe next time with permission and actually attend the next wedding that I shoot.   This shy and quiet kid had found something that gave him a voice. The eager  passion I had for learning opened up a door for me to second shoot weddings with a friend. We were shooting weddings almost every weekend and I was discovering at each wedding that I truly loved it.  As I branched out and started building a name for myself things just took off so fast! If you were to tell me at that time that  I was going to be this award winning well known photographer in the area I would have thought you were crazy.  As I type this I just can’t help but think about how grateful and thankful I am.  I’m doing what I love and I thank God for allowing me to use a talent to bless so many others.  

I specialize in newborn, first year milestone and wedding photography.  I have a full service, high volume newborn studio that keeps me busy throughout the week and on weekends I photograph weddings. 

 I provide wedding and engagement photography services  both around Florence , Alabama and destinations worldwide. My style is fun, fresh, and timeless. I have seen and photographed it all and the more that I shoot, the more that I fall in love with this job!   The joy, the excitement, the details, the portraits that take your breath away… I love it all. I still can’t get over the fact that I have been trusted with preserving so many weddings! I don’t take my job lightly.

I know that KWP Brides are unique and we work very hard to find them! We serve a very specific type of bride who recognizes that if she wants fun, fresh, and timeless portraits of herself and her new groom, then she needs more than just pretty pictures. She needs an incredible EXPERIENCE!

With over 250+ wedding inquiries a year we only choose to work with a handful of brides to ensure we can provide the best experience for our couples.

 Every wedding photographer has favorites on the wedding day. Here are mine!   

 Details: I love working with the details you have provided. This gives me a chance to style and curate an images that reflects the overall theme of the wedding.

First Look:  This is one is one of my Most favorites and for so many reasons.  About 90% of KWP couples do a first look. I love having that extra time with my couples later in the day to get so many portraits accomplished. I love that a First look is a private moment with the bride and groom.  The First look usually calms all nerves on the wedding day and makes the wedding easy going for everyone.

Portraits:  Ahhh This is what I live for! I LOVE creating portraits for our couples.  Give me two people who are in love and I will create magic!  


– Keelan 


Preferred Vendor”

Keelan Is always a Pleasure to work with! We have enjoyed having him every since we opened Harvest Hollow. We recommend him to our brides. We know he will do a great job on your big day.
-Harvest Hollow